Assigning a runway for "Requesting Radar Vectors"

When a “Requesting Radar Vectors” is made for an airport, I am unable to assign that aircraft a specific runway. So for example, when vectoring an aircraft to KSEA I cannot a assign them to 16R as the inbound runway, instead many will proceed to 16L which is a departing runway.

Not sure if I am missing something or something is missing or is that is the way it is supposed to be?

I am just reading Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky educatonal posts and he states that,
*3.) “request radar vectors”. This is used when you are flying to an airport with no ILS or would like to enter the VFR traffic pattern (downwind, base, etc) at the desired airport. With this… You will be vectored to a 45° angle to enter the downwind or the general vicinity. You will then be switched to tower for further instructions."

but what I am finding is that people expect to be vectored all the way in. I guess I will just tell them to fly on their own from that point on and move them to the tower frequency.

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My solution is to switch them to tower/unicom. Though I do wish there was a more explicit message in the absence of Tower - such as ‘switch to [airport] Unicom on [frequency]’. Though I’ve just learned something about the radar vectors myself :)

Yup, plus it reduces the work load significantly.

Working centre you shouldn’t be assigning anyone a runway, just giving vectors to the general direction of the airfield requested.
Approach controllers should be putting the aircraft in the vicinity of picking up the ILS then handing them off to the tower at about 10 miles.


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