Assigned runway

Hi there! Im New in IF! :) What means assigned runway and what should i do if i become that?

Please help me :)

Assigned runway is the runway that ATC has told you to land at/take off at!! :))

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When you approach an Airport with Active ATC you contact him. And ask for an runway lets use EGLL 27L the Tower answers with an pattern instructions Stright in 27 L you answer, that after that he will say Cleard to land number x runway 27L. Thats your assignd runway.

So if you now allign to runway 27R he will say pleas check assigned runway. That means he gave you annother Runnway then you are allignd to right now

Same also on Ground you ask for push back get an clearenc. When ready you ask for taxi to Runway 27R ATC says Taxi 27L then your Assignd runway is 27 L. And if you taci to 27R instead he also again can send please check assigned runway

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It basically means that ATC has told you to take-off or land on a specific runway.

For Example: “AirBaltic 168VA cleared for takeoff on runway 18L”. “Cleared For takeoff, AirBaltic 168VA.”

They have assigned you a runway to take-off in

Trank you! :)

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