Assigned Gates, Grounds Crew, Emergencies, Passengers, and More!

Wouldn’t it be great if they added assigned gates and you can “book” a flight for a certain time? To make it more realistic, we could add a grounds crew, passengers, and in-air emergencies like a landing gear malfunction. You also shouldn’t be able to spawn at a gate that is already taken or booked for arrival/departure. I don’t know if this was already a topic already, so sorry if it is… Thoughts?

I love the ideas but I think I hear you can only request one thing per topic


I will help you and request one of the things on there

Ive always wanted to spectate (fly on) someone elses flight.

I know that Southwest Virtual used to (might still) have a system like this (where you “purchase” tickets for a flight (and someone flys it for you)

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This one was closed, just an FYI. I don’t see this coming into the simulator anytime soon.


Please only request one thing per topic, also I don’t really think any of this things will be added because they will most likely kill a device memory.But I like the spectate idea though


Since the ground map is being added… I think that expert ATC’s could be able to assign gates…

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We thought global was gonna kill memory, Who know if this might or might not

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One request per topic, and a bit more substance please :)