Assignable Buttons (commands)

I’m looking to invest into making a somewhat more realistic flight sim (just a switch box) because my computer can’t handle flight simulators, so I think it would be great if you could add more assignable buttons (for instance VNAV, LNAV, APPR, ALT, HDG, Speed toggles) and also the new autobrake system (assignable for a toggle but also able select levels {low, med, max})

Other possible ideas for the assignable buttons:
Trim Axis (for trim wheels)
Engine One start, Engine Two Start, Engine Three Start, Engine Four Start
Seatbelt/No smoking lights
APU Toggle (Toggles Start/Off)
Main Battery Toggle

I didn’t understand your question. All the above mentioned features are there in IF if that’s what you are asking.

No, for assignable buttons in the commands tab.

Ohhh that. Each device has a particular number of assignable buttons. If they add more, it would look very cramped and bad. I don’t think they will do it soon but I hope they do.