Assets for designing

Is there a topic that holds links to infinite flight assets to use in fan art/design?
like font types, high res plane pngs color codes ect.

have some spare time and would love to do some designs and share them here.

Hello, @cpt.mustache! I’ve done a bit of research on this in the past, and I’ve found a few results. The closest font to that used in Infinite Flight is Avenir Black (All caps), which gives you a text looking like this:


It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as one can get. Credit to @Trio for the font finding. Here’s some of the hex code colorings:

Orange: #ff9822
Black: #000000
Darker orange: #bf7119
Dark blue: #203342
White: #ffffff
Blue: #354755

Used google for image referencing and hex code colorings. I wish you luck in your designing! 🙌


thanks for sharing this with me! :)

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You’re not allowed to use them due to copyright issues.


its not used for commercial use. its for personal use only. killing some time being creative and maybe the devs like it and get in touch

Or you’ll get the dreaded yellow text like I did. ;)


Yeah using the fonts could lead to some dreaded yellow text. Similar to Pingu, I have the IF colors hex codes committed to memory, however.

Orange: #FA9823 Grey/Black: #1B1C1D

This makes for some fun designs!

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