Aspiring to be a pilot?

Hey guys,

So my dad came up to me 2 days ago because he saw on the news that JetBlue is hiring those without experience to train for pilots. If you havent seen it yet, here is a link from 2 days ago.

Just thought I’d pass the message along, You may not want to fly for JetBlue but its a start to get to where you want to be.


Sounds like a great idea…if you have $125,000


Notice what’s under my username.

I would love to do this (if I was old enough)


@Robertdiaz123 there are loans that allow you to start repaying after 2 years. Giving enough to time for training. And then once you start working you can pay it back slowly over a 10 year period. Also insurance can be purchased so if medically you are unfit at anytime you get all your investment back

I hate it that we are young and cant do anything just yet but its like every airline has a good deals in hiring people im just afraid when were old enough they wont have those deals and it will be hard to get a aviation job.


$125k @8% interest for 10 years. You do the math Lol. What a joke!

Don’t go into debt!!! (Dave Ramsey thought me that :P)

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This JetBlue thing (as much as I’ve heard) they will put you in cape air’s Cessna 402’s for a year or two, then go up into the jets at JetBlue.

Yet we still have pilots lending the controls to 7-12 year olds (not in commercial aircraft of course! I mean SR22s and Cessnas)

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Pretty much. And just Google cape air and you will know why one should avoid it. 14k a year. How do you expect to make a living doing that? Especially if you are already 125k in debt.

It’s tough to go through all your certs and not be in debt. I am. But happy to say I wasn’t naive enough to go to Embry riddle and be 200k in debt. Lol

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