Aspen pitkin KASE RNAV Departure & Approach w/ video

Since Aspen pitkin is one of the most talked about airport in IF I decided it was time to introduce everyone to it’s procedures. We will be using the Pitkin four RNAV departure plate, and the RNAV (gps)-F approach.



Here is the video hope you enjoy.

Ps. Yes I realize I get low before HEPEB :)
Tell us how you faired on the approach in the comments below.


Thank you for this. Very helpful.

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Your very welcome it’s a fun airport to use the published approach and departure for.

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It sure is.

I just tried it and it didn’t go so well. I was way to high before MAFMU and I had to go missed but I’m going to try again later.

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Exactly even though there is a published pattern altitude so they must allow it. I wouldn’t want to do it though.

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