Aspen Pitkin (KASE) Procedures

It annoys me that the wrong runways are used at Aspen Pitkin Rgnl.

Due to mountainous terrain all landings must partake on Runway 15, as the valley permits a reasonable approach. A takeoff from 15 would also present challenges due to the mountains. Therefore Runway 33 is always the runway for takeoff. Departing traffic should turn off the approach path as soon as possible to avoid collisions.

With Aspen’s popularity many controllers will complain about this as they want a good traffic flow, thus, it’s easier to use runway 15 for all procedures. This is wrong. This is not how the airport works. If you are using a flight simulator you should simulate real world procedures. Aspen Pitkin is not busy in real life so the problem is created by the enjoyment of airports which is not so much of a big deal in the real world.
Controllers wishing to fluently control KASE should hold traffic outside of the approach as to allow landings and departures to flow properly. If this is too much of a challenge either do not control the airport or get a helping hand from an experienced approach controller.

With global flight nearing, i thought it could be helpful to list other airports that use their runways in the same way as Aspen. This is a wiki so feel free to add the airports.

  • VNLK/LUA - Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary), Nepal

Amen although it’s easier said then done. I’ll be making a video tutorial tonight about how to approach and depart KASE properly. Something I started on last night 😂. It also really annoys me when it’s used improperly idk why but it does.


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Look at Trissy commenting all over the place.


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Just pointing out, this isn’t showing up as a wiki for me, I don’t have anything to the list yet, just thought I’d mention it :)

I don’t know why it’s not working…

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