Aspen-Pitkin County Radar Timelapse (KASE)

Hello IFC, I have an exciting video to share today! Today is the day Aspen is featured, and I definitely didn’t let it go to waste. Starting at 2020-09-30T15:00:00Z, spanning all the way to 2020-09-30T18:30:00Z, I took on the monster itself, Aspen Radar. I managed to end up with a very nice session, regardless of how busy and difficult it may have been, and I’m thankful for everyone that came and made the session such a blast. Thankfully, as far as I know, and after extensive planning and many sessions, there was no terrain busts, and I think the video turned out pretty swell. For my strategy, I mixed in IF’s procedures, as well as my own homemade visual with specific waypoints and altitudes to make sure my airspace was organized. If you’d like to see my plan, you can find it below, and I hope you enjoy the video!

KASE GTS Controllers :



KASE Radar Controllers :

@ShaneAviation - Approach and Departure The Entire Video

@Jet_Airways_995 - Denver Center

Aspen Radar Plan :

Legend :

Red = IF Procedures
Black Lines = Homemade Visual Plan (Refer To Blue Dot Explanation As Well)
Black Numbering = What altitudes are Minimum Safe Altitudes for that point, and also what altitude I’d like to have them at by that specific point.
Orange = Cone Representing the Entry Point
Light Blue Dot = Point To Descend Aircraft To FL110 and RAIS Point

Of course, the help of the live update map at was a big contribution to my success with this airport.


Awesome Job @ShaneAviation another impressive video 👏


Love the video @ShaneAviation! Always fun to tag with you! 😃

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@Gliding_Central - Thank you, I appreciate all the support on my videos.

@SamC - I agree, it’s always a fun and smooth service with both of us together, thanks for your help this time around!


Beautiful timelapse!

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Wow this is really fun and oddly relaxing to watch! Very cool.

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Yes another one, satisfying as always!

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