Aspen Night Landing in Snowstorm

Found this on a Twitter link within the last twelve hours.
These pilots in a CRJ-700 make this look so easy… but they chose to turn off the landing lights to increase the visibility to the rwy…wonder how much light all that snow gave…hope some of you appreciate their skills… maybe in the near future IF will have setable options to duplicate these conditions !!!


These pilots are true professionals! After all, they have to be.

It would be cool if we had satellite imagery that can be changed depending on month. I’ve seen satellite imagery on Google Earth when there is snow on the ground. Would be very cool.


I was just thinking this earlier. That would be amazing to have in the future, it definitely seems pretty unrealistic landing in Aspen in December with green scenery everywhere.

Very cool video!

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Great video thanks for the share. Those pilots made that landing look effortless great job to those pilots.

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One day maybe IF can have winter satellite imagery and summer satellite imagery

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Since I live near Aspen I see that all the time in person. It’s pretty frightening yet amazing! Since one of Aspens ski mountains (Buttermilk Mountain, home of the X Games) lays right over the airport, when I’m skiing, I can see the planes suddenly appear as they glide through the snow.


@Wattsup_jet, that’s amazing! My favorite things (skiing and plane spotting) combined!


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