Aspen (KASE) Runway 33 Approach Tutorial!

Sure do one on how to properly approach and depart Aspen.

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I enjoyed this. Would love to see more like it

So, which aircrafts are allowed at KASE?

Nothing bigger than a 737 if I’m not mistaken.

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I landed a 747-8F once…

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The art is to land it on the runway…

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When it gets fixed. I want to try it.

Can you make one for WMBT?😂


I was planning it for ages but I never really went forward. Expect one by the end of February…

I did… It was tough.

I do believe you!
Will be flying this in the UAL DHC8 once it’s out ♥

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I know this is one of the oldest topics in the entire community and the simulator changed a lot since then, but when I tried to land in Aspen recently (twice) both landings were awful because of altitude, and it was because I was going straight ahead on approach. This tutorial is so useful, I should have read it before!

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