Aspen (kase) approach


I really need some advice / help with planning an approach into Aspen. I’ve tried a few times and cannot get it perfect. Any advice, tips, screenshots… Anything is helpful.

Advice with speed, waypoints, altitude will be greatly appreciated.

I’m trying to master Aspen on the CRJ2 before the CL35 drops.

(ALSO: Why are the waypoints into aspen approach so messed up…?)

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If it’s the waypoints that are the problem you can remove them.

SAME!!! Aspen is my favorite.

Sorry that was the wrong approach… Here’s the correct plate:

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Flaps and spoilers! Aspen is easy to screw up because it’s not your standard -3.00 degree glidepath. You’re looking at -6.59 degrees on the LOC DME-E approach, and -6.49 degrees on the RNAV-F approach. It’s steep. Slow to your Vapp earlier than normal; high airspeed = more lift, which means a steeper nosedown attitude is needed to descend fast. Don’t be afraid to keep your flight spoilers up to aid in your descent. If you keep too much of a negative attitude (usually a result of high speed and no spoilers), you’re gonna build speed back up. Because aerodynamics. Also, Aspen is high up, so your ground speed is faster. You’ll have less time to descend because you’re covering ground that much faster.

In the HUD view, your FPV (little round dot) should be well below the -5 degree line, and your nose should be pointed either level or between 0-3 degrees down. I believe in the CRJ7/9 (haven’t flown them in a long time at ASE) with Flaps 45 and spoilers at Vapp, you’ll be more or less level. Maybe a slight nose-up attitude around 1 degree with the spoilers out. The CRJ2 is totally opposite. The CRJ2’s lack of slats means it has a “lawndart” attitude on final anyway, which is only compounded by Aspen’s steep approach. So, get used to flying like you’re diving into the ground.

For the E175/190 (yes, you can fly those into Aspen), Flaps Full and spoilers retracted should yield you a level-attitude. With flight spoilers out, 1.5 degrees nose up would be around normal. At no point should you have any significant negative attitude. Keep in mind that the CRJ7/9 and E-Jets fly super slow at Flaps 45/Flaps Full. Load dependent, your Vapp should be low 100s-120s KIAS. The CRJ2 will be a bit faster. Because, again, no slats.

Experiment around on Solo or Casual, and see what feels best for you. :)

Oh, and if you need some reference speeds for the CRJ7/9 and the E175/190, feel free to let me know. I can’t give you the actual values (for obvious reasons), but I can get you something that’ll get you in a ballpark that works. I’ve no data on the CRJ2, so that’ll be up to yourself to experiment with.


Thank you!!! This is the most helpful thing I have read so far. This will help me so much. Thank you.

I was wondering, could you help me with the right way points for an approach into Aspen?

Thank you Thomas… If you don’t mind, could you recreate a flight plan approach into Aspen (KASE) using Infinite Flight? If you don’t mind and have a little bit of extra time?

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I’ll make sure you’re well prepared. The 350 is a tricky beast and Aspen. But it’s easily doable. 😎


Is it possible you and Tyler could make a tutorial for flying the Challenger into Aspen

The IF waypoints are accurate. We only have the RNAV-F in-game at the moment. The LOC DME-E isn’t available in IF. The RNAV is an offset approach, with a visual turn to final after MAFMU. If you want to fly the LOC DME-E, just tune the LOC into your NAV1 box, set your NAV Source to NAV1, and fly it like an ILS. I would ignore the glideslope component, since I can’t be sure it actually works (it shouldn’t work, since this is a LOC only approach, not an ILS).

Use DME to determine your altitude. Or, use the following fixes if you’re not comfortable flying with DME.

JARGU (DME13.1): 13400ft.
KICER (DME10.9): 12900ft.
FIMSO (DME9.0): 12300ft.
DOYPE (DME7.1): 11700ft.

From DOYPE to CEYAG (DME4.0): -6.59 degree descent. Use the FPV to aid you. A detailed chart can be found online (SkyVector or FlightAware are good).

Hope this helps.


That takes away all the fun from watching people epically fail and smash their plane into the ground. :(


DC always makes a profile topic for it…but idk about a tutorial for KASE…

That’s up to what Tyler plans. And up to him and/or Infinite Flight have planned


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