Aspen Escape @ KASE (57% Full) - 311700ZAUG19 (1 Hour Away!)


Hello everyone! This event will be a fly-out event at the famous Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, noted for its difficult approach and obstacle departures! This event will be simulating high-density traffic departures at the airport. Please make sure to pay attention to all the information listed in this thread, especially the terrain avoidance departure procedures.

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport:

Located 4 miles outside of Aspen, Colorado, Aspen Airport is served by American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. These 3 airlines mostly bring in skiers to the surrounding world-class ski resorts, along with many private general aviation aircraft present… Due to its location and size, some aircraft restrictions are in place, such as no aircraft over 100,000 pounds, and a maximum 95 ft wingspan limitation. The terrain and elevation also make it quite a challenge to operate at this airport!

Server: Expert

Airport: KASE

Time: 2019-08-31T17:00:00Z

NOTAM: The use of Unicom at this event is strongly recommended for traffic awareness. Please remember to give way to traffic on the right of your aircraft when taxing, and do not cut out in front of people to get to the runway first. Runway 33 departures will be required due to airport restrictions. For specific Runway 33 departure procedures, please see the “Departure Procedures” section below.

To request a gate simply reply below! Extend the accordion for additional information related to requesting and aircraft restrictions.

Commercial Gates:

Delta, United, and American flights replicating real-world routes. When loaded these aircraft may not weight over 100,000 pounds, you should offload baggage or passengers to keep within weight restrictions.

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot Suggested Callsign
Gate 1 KSLC Delta Connection CRJ7 @Plane-Train-TV DL3539
Gate 2 KLAX American Eagle CRJ7 @Walker_McAlister AA2955
Gate 3 KPHX American Eagle CRJ7 @Boris_Huang AA3022
Gate 4 KDFW American Eagle CRJ7 @QFA_12 AA3168
Gate 5 KIAH United Express CRJ7 @The_Homeless_Dorito UA5488
Gate 6 KORD United Express CRJ7 - UA5323
Gate 7 KDEN United Express CRJ7 - UA5430
Gate 8 KSFO United Express CRJ7 - UA5834
General Aviation

Corporate routes with corporate aircraft no in the simulator are replaced with the Cessna Citation. Routes without Aircraft/Destination/Callsign can be chosen by you! Comment below with what you would like the fields to be filled out with. The maximum size for the chosen aircraft is B717-200, CRJ-1000, E195 when factoring wingspan. When loaded these aircraft may not weigh over 100,000 pounds, you should offload baggage or passengers to keep within weight restrictions.

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot Suggested Callsign
South Hangar 1 KSNA CCX/C750 @Airbus_737 1I349
South Hangar 2 KHWD CCX/C750 - 1I569
South Hangar 4 - - - -
South Hangar 5 KMIA CCX/C750 - 1I639
South Hangar 6 KABQ CCX/C750 @Clay_Scarborough CS-ATP
South Hangar 7 KABQ CCX/C750 @Balloonchaser BALLOONCHASER
South Hangar 8 PANC CCX/C750 @Ignas04 LIT001
South Hangar 9 VFR C208 @Ecoops123 -
South Hangar 10 - - - -
South Hangar 11 KCOS Q400 @Captain_Merka -
South Hangar 12 - - - -
Hangar M1 - - - -
Hangar M2 KTEX CC19 @Aceorbit CREMSODA

Departure Procedures

Please review the departure procedures listed below to ensure the safety of you and the other pilots around you on your departure. The use of SIDs is highly encouraged to ensure safe terrain clearance. Aspen is a one way in, one way out the airport, in this case, Runway 33 will be our departure runway. If you are unaware of how to use SIDS, please take a look at this educational video related to IFR procedures.


Aspen Seven Departure


This is a multidirectional departure for aircraft heading anywhere, it is recommended to not use it as an ATC controller will most likely not be active so you will not receive radar vectors to your assigned fix/VOR.

Takeoff Runway 33: Climbing right turn to head 348°, maintain 16000 or assigned altitude for RADAR vectors to assigned route or fix. (Feel free to proceed directly to your fix once reaching FL160)

Lindz Nine Departure


This departure may be used by aircraft heading East, North, and West.

Takeoff Runway 33: Climb heading 343° to 9100, then climbing left turn to 16000 on heading 273° to intercept I-PKN NW course outbound to LINDZ INT/DBL 13 DME. Then via assigned transition, maintain 16000, expect clearance to filed altitude 10 minutes after departure. (Feel free to climb past 16000)

Pitkn Four Departure


This departure may be used by aircraft heading West and North.

Takeoff Runway 33: Climb heading 331° to at or above 8320 direct ADINY and climbing right turn to 16000 on track 346° to BOYET and on track 228° to LINDZ and on track 247° to GELNO, thence…

…via transition or assigned route, expect clearance to filed altitude 10 minutes after departure.

Sardd Three Departure


Takeoff Runway 33: Climb on heading 343° to 9100, then climbing left turn to 16000 on heading 273° to intercept I-PKN course outbound to LINDZ INT/DBL 13 DME. Climb in LINDZ holding pattern to cross LINDZ at or above 16000 before proceeding on course.

Additional airport information may be found at the following sources:

Thank you for participating!

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This gate please

Delta to SLC please

I’ll take one of the South Hangars flying a TBM to KFFZ 👍

Just so you know, your title says 24AUG but your topic indicates 19AUG, which one is it?

24th, my bad. Forgot to change it from when I was making it.

@Plane-Train-TV @Dylan_M @den.aviation

You 3 are about to be added!


I’ll take this gate

Sure thing, ill mark you down!

If you change it to training server I can do ATC

This please

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Why was that flagged I was offering my services?

Sure thing, you are in! @anon45500775

Sorry @American_1549, I don’t feel confident hosting on training server due to the environment and the track record of how pilots behave, unfortunately. Maybe at my next flyout.


Ok pm me for the future events

Could I get the United Flight to KSFO, please?

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Sure thing, enjoy your flight!

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Sorry gonna pull out of this event

Ah that’s okay, ill remove you. Let me know if you change your mind. :)

Coming up soon, just 4 commercial gates left!

Getting closer by the day, still some commercial spots open to snag!

18 days everyone! Lets at least get these last gates filled up!