Aspen Control (IFATC at Home)

On behalf of @Shane and I, we would like to thank everyone who came by the challenging airport of Aspen (KASE) today! It meant a lot!

Sorry if you had to wait 20 minutes for departures, it’s just how Aspen operates… especially with the traffic in IF being heavier than IRL!

Again, thanks to everyone who came by, and enjoy the rest of your IFATC at home!



Did @JoshFly8 stop by?

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@AsternAviation I don’t think so…

Unfortunately no, I always hope he does every time I open Aspen, but he never does :’( . Tyler did stop in, and Misha circled above at the end, was a great session though!


Thank you for providing a great service! Much appreciated.

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You’re welcome! Thanks for coming by!

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