Aspen below ground vision bug

Hello everyone!
I was in aspen (Kase) in 21.5 and can see below the ground.

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WestJet’s trusty troubleshooting list:

Scenery cache cleared?
App restarted via fully closing the app? (Not just exiting and entering the app again)
Have you tried a different server, or solo?
Have you deleted and redownloaded the app?

I was on solo but will see what I can do thanks

This is a bug I’ve come across quite a lot. It can occur when putting your cam too close to the ground which will make the 2D airport taxiway textures disappear but not the markings. Similar thing for the terrain.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a general fix for it other than to not attempt dig my camera into the ground. To my knowledge I do not believe clearing the scenery cache would fix this, although could reduce the affects of the issue.

Hello, this is a known bug that has been noted by the Developer Team at IF LLC. there is no current fix for this as of now but it shall be fixed at some point in the future.

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