Aspen Approach and Departure Timelapse (Very Busy!)

Hola, I’m back again with another Aspen video this time. Aspen always has a special place in my heart when it comes to controlling, no specific reason just a really fun place, and I take it whenever I can, especially on ATC choice days. That’s what I’ve done today, so, let’s take a look at our session debrief :

The session’s duration was 2 hours and 37 minutes, and it was quite the interesting experience, not the typical service that’d I’d provide Aspen pilots with. On the ground, at some points, we’d reached 10+ pilots and my GT controller, @yoshi_flyer, and I quickly realized that we couldn’t just keep sending arrivals in, we’d have to use holds.

Definitely wasn’t the most fun separating literally 7 people, and putting them into holding patterns to get departures out, but it definitely got the job done, and not in an inefficient matter either. My favorite part of the session definitely had to be when the departure queue was cleared and I could start sending in the arrivals and getting the sequencing for them figured out on the spot, really posed a fun challenge for me. Lucky for me, at the time of deciding to take pilots out of their holding patterns, they all had conveniently been pointing north, therefore, I could just S pattern them all into Aspen, easy as that. Super busy day, nearly 4 people on a parallel downwind at times, but I coped, and managed to go without any busts that were at the fault of me making a mistake.

The constant changing of departure phases and arrival phases makes the opposite runway operations a definitely challenge, but a fun one to say the least. I received about 400-500 operations from this session alone, and for a single runway airport that isn’t the hub, I’d say that’s pretty good! Here is my updated plan for Aspen, as I have received many requests for it :

Legend :

Red = IF Procedures
Black Lines = Homemade Visual Plan
Black Numbering = What altitudes are Minimum Safe Altitudes for that point, and also what altitude I’d like to have them at by that specific point.
Orange = Cone Representing the Entry Point
Yellow Dot and Star = RAIS Point link to my plan is here.

KASE GT : @yoshi_flyer

Seriously appreciate your help, Andrew, with a lot of collaboration and hard work, we got the job done, thanks for hopping on Ground and Tower!

Without further adieu, here is the video, enjoy!



Insanely impressive work, Shane! You and Yoshi managed the tricky layout and terrain of Aspen beautifully. Bravo!

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Awesome work as usual! Keep it up ;)

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Very well done Shane! In my opinion this is very taken work :)

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Well done Shane and Yoshi!

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Well deserving of a like! Great job you two.

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Nice job! I love how you managed the traffic in this difficult airport.

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On behalf of Yoshi and I, thank you all very much. ❤️


Did someone attempted to land at Runway 33?

Excellent job @ShaneAviation :D

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Hahaha, yeah, was pretty funny to watch, but unfortunately I couldn’t let him get away with it.

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Ooooo another great timelapse Shane!

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Nice job Shane!

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Im in there! You made me hold for about 10 minutes over Garfield Airport (i think that was the name) lmao.

Very cool!

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First off, I’d just like to say that Shane is an absolute

at Aspen radar.

I had such a great time working with you for this session, time really flew! It was so amazing to see you bring the inbounds out of holds into a perfect arrival line. I almost want to try Aspen radar myself now …


I appreciate it y’all. ❤️

Haha, hope I didn’t upset you too much, at least I got ya in at some point!

Thanks, was an awesome session.

Do it! 😩😈