ASL Airlines Boeing 747-400 (OE-IFK)

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Here is the Aircraft

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There’s also more in the Airlines website.

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This pictures belongs to PAUL LINK on jetphotos
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OE-IFK | Boeing 747-4KZF(SCD) | ASL Airlines | PAUL LINK | JetPhotos

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Nice, looks a bit bland though…

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I’ve worked on him as a ramp agent and its soo nice

[OE-IFK | Boeing 747-4KZF(SCD) | ASL Airlines

I personally prefer the his other PW4065 brothers IFD and IFB, and by the way newly repainted

A good livery

But I also would like to ask isn’t it too early to request 747 livery that soon ? There’s no confirmation of his addition or even rework yet


To be fair im only requesting the livery nothing else I see what you mean but I don’t expect to see any other fancy thing just the livery.
For example silk way Airlines got added just the livery
In my opinion It’s not too early plus you can see other 747 livery requests that are older than mine so I’m practically late :)
I see what you mean though
Thanks for feedback

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Yeah there just simple a Cargo company nothing too special

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ASL Airlines Belgium - Home

Asl Belgium is the last 747 CAO (Cargo Aircraft Only) operator in Europ since 1999 that basicly operates from LGG EBLG (Liege Airport) in the Eastern part of Belgium and deserves all Europ countries the USA till China and Japn, after KLM.
Their main 747 fleet has recently recived some paint touchs after BIG general inspections in china One by One.

I’ve been there for a year and can tell you this guys are awesome ! It’s a great airline I can tell you that

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That’s really cool thanks for the information

Don’t you know bump it up you got to bump it up

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