Asking to change frequency several times

I’ve had this problem before, just departed Egkk, headed for Egcc, I asked approach for vectors to Egcc, said not at this time, frequency changed approved, I acknowledge request, said it again, I again said ok, then I get the infamous " follow directions or you will be ghosted " so I exited . Can anyone explain this mystery? I do appreciate what these guys do for us, awesome upgrades! Thx

I think the best way to get this info is to ask the controller, he can explain his reasoning and give you some tips as well, (just a recommendation)

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O bailed so quick I did see who it was

Hello David, from my understanding you were asking for approach instructions from EGKK? If so, that is why they are unable to help you in this situation. EGKK is unable to vector you for an approach to EGBB, as it is out of their jurisdiction, but they can give you a general heading. So in this case, you would just proceed on course to EGBB and then work with ATC @ EGBB on your arrival.

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When a controller says “frequency change approved” you need to exit the frequency promptly. This is to reduce the amount of planes on a controller’s frequency.


My main concern is being at the change frequencies and I acknowledge that and then it asked again and then acts like I’m not following directions. Thx

I did , and I get asked again. Do I need to tune out the frequency?

Yes, that is part of it.


@David_Dollar I’d recommend PMing the controller at the time. They’ll know the situation best and can help you.

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Thx , I didn’t know we had to tune it out, I thought just confirming was ok


You don’t have to tune out of the frequency this shouldn’t be happening pm me the controller information please. I’ll let them know that’s unnecessary. They can just swipe the flight strip to get rid of it. Many people like to listen after departing the airspace.


Really, because sometimes I stay tuned in all the way to my destination, gives me something to listen to.

Probably just a trigger happy atc!

Actually, if an IFATC tells you “Frequency change approved, good day!” it means that you should tune out of the frequency. We do this occasionally when we have a busy airspace, to prevent confusions and to avoid having unnecessary aircraft in our frequencies.
Yes, we can slide you out, but some times it automatically re-joins the aircraft to the frequency. This message is like “Thank you, my services are terminated with you, good day”.

Nope they can stay tuned in swipe the strip.


That’s simply incorrect. It means you can tune out of the frequency, nothing stopping you from staying tuned in. The only time you should receive a “please follow instructions” for not changing freq is when being told to contact another freq. eg, approach to tower after intercepting.


I never said that you can be ghosted, I just said that when a controller is doing that, he’s asking you kindly to leave the frequency (it could be many reasons).
And yes, you can swipe the strip tag, but if you touch the aircraft accidentally you will have him back in the frequency. Anyways, if you left the airspace, why you would stay in a foreign frequency? Some realism has to take account. :)

As Adam said the only time a PFI should be issued if you don’t change frequencies is if you’re being handed off. You should have other things to focus on then who didn’t tune out.

I think there is a misunderstanding here :)
I never said it is a reason to be ghosted, neither a reason to use PFI. I said that it’s just a gesture, kindly to change frequency, not just to respect realism because you are out of the airspace, also following the logic, please don’t tell me that you are above KMIA tuned in EGLL tower (that would be embarrassing).
The only problem is that you don’t have a departure frequency always, but once the aircraft is out of your jurisdiction you shouldn’t be anymore in charge.
Again I remark, never said that you can be ghosted or have a PFI message, but it is more realistic to tune out instead of “hearing the conversation between ATC and other aircraft”.