Asking Questions about adding New Planes

Hi, three questions

  1. Recently I would love to see these planes added to Infinite Flight. I was looking at Boeing 737-300. and then I was seeing many planes at BWI Airport, and I play so many games on my iPad.

  2. How to ask the IFC for New Planes I spelled it correctly from this time
    Because of COVID.

  3. I really need some more votes. so I can vote on more Airplanes.


Thanking you guys in this website!

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For the first two questions, it’s all done in #features (You must be a Member (TL2) to post there, just a heads up). And here’s a 737-300 request you can vote on:

Boeing 737-300

As for 3, votes can be increased by gaining a Trust Level.


@Jake_Joseph_Stefko and to do that, keep liking, posting, reading and you’ll get to a new trust level, and more votes, in no time!


I am trying to gain a Trust Level to TL2 and I am posting, reading, and liking and I have been asking for new planes recently when I get to TL2 I will get 5 extra votes and now that I am at my new Trust Level 2 and just voted I don’t have any more votes. Just gained to my new Trust Level.