Asking for Topic Approval

Hello IFC!

I have noticed over my time here on the IFC that quite a few posts (mainly by new users) have this in some shape or form in their topic’s main body’

I don’t know if this is allowed.

So this is my message to new users about this:

Ask a moderator if you can have permission to open a topic. This can be done by sending a PM to @moderators

Thanks for viewing this short and sweet topic!

Inform me of your thoughts down below!


Some categories such as #real-world-aviation require approval before positing a topic. For new users that are brand new, a moderator must approve their first few topics, posts and anything on the public forum of the such. So this is practically already implemented. I wouldn’t see a reason as to why an extension for this would be needed for example. It’s like a ‘grace period’ to gain a small amount of trust to freely post on the community at their wish.


Maybe ask a moderator or @MishaCamp. Cheers @Archer

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