Asking for any Special liveries

I would like to see the Southwest California One added to IF. How long do I have to wait. Since I just voted for airplanes to be added. How long will it take. Will it take a while for Infinite Flight to see what we all want

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Depends when they decide to put it in. Could be the next aircraft to the game, or it could get added years from now.


How many days will it take

We never know. It could take years or maybe months to add its up to the devs.

We do not know. It is up to the FDS for what they add next, votes only show what the community wants, and the FDS uses that to fuel their ideas.

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Adding a plane is not a simple process. It does not take simple days and may be combined with other items.

  • First the decision needs to be made keeping into perspective the teams priority and other items on the plate.
  • The 3D model is made. This can take a while to make the model from details technical spec and pictures.
  • After the model is ready the flight physics are made. Every plane is different as far as drag, thrust, lift, etc.
  • Alpha testing where the developers put things together and test the rest of the app.
  • Beta testing where the developers give it to the larger group of testers who each target specific items and do regression testing. This can take a while.
  • App Review happens when the app is packaged for the stores to review it. This can be a simple or complex process depending on the type of change.
  • Release! The general public gets the update.

How many votes will I get til I reach TL3. Do i only ever get 5 votes! Will i get 10 & 20 votes. Do I get 10 or 5 votes

My brudda… it can take years to add/rework planes… not days
And you can only have 10 votes to spare I think.
Also reaching TL3 is not easy so don’t be getting your hopes up too much :)


Once you hit TL3 you will get 20 total votes.

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It took over a year from start to release of the 777-200ER rework.

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Does brudda mean brother. If so, 89 people voted for the United Airlines 2019 for the Boeing 777-200ER

My Brudda TL3 will come eventually to those that wait & I think the hype for it isn’t that great it’s the same as reaching Grade 4 to Grade 5 really. Not that much difference at all


That doesn’t mean other features with more votes aren’t in the game yet. The devs focused on liveries for the 777 and A320 for liveries this update and other liveries had more votes. Votes never guarantee anything, it just lets the staff know where the community’s priorities are at.

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As I have told you before, these things take time…the longer you wait, the more time they have to perfect the new plane 🤷🏻‍♂️


It’s really amazing to see how different the planes really are. Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator but brings the aircraft textures to the next level. Even if I hate waiting it’s understandable that planes take long to create or rework. The IF team set the right priority’s for the graphics and that’s making InfiniteFlight to the best simulator for mobile! More 3D objects would bring the sim to the next level if they keep the quality of the current 3D arts. Waiting is boring and hated, but in the end it really pays off!

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Answer has been given multiple times.