Asking for a specifing runway for takeoff

Hi everyone!

I would like to know why sometimes the ATC Controller don’t let me takeoff form the other side of the runway, although is a “green” runway and any planes are currently approaching this specific runway.

Of course, I have to ‘respect’ the choice of the controller so I takeoff form the side and I have to do a big return (which is boring…).

I hope you will understand… because, as you can see my english is… you know x)

Some controllers have a designated departure and arrival runway. That runway could of been the arrival one. Also for everyone please do not request runways at all even when the airport isn’t busy. This just irritates the controller.

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Yeah but sometimes it can be annoying to do a giant u-turn to intercept the right heading…

Even if both runways are green the controller may wish only one to be used since that makes arranging landings and take-offs much easier. It is incredibly hard to control if you have take-offs and landings simultaneoulsy at both runways and massively reduces the amount of take off and landings you can do.


It can be VERY frustrating for a controller when a pilot requests a separate runway to everyone else. Each pilot will set their designated departure and arrival runway in order to keep things moving and simple. Let’s say the controller is only wanting departures form 25R, but the closest runway to you is 06L, do not request runway change or Re-sending a request to 06L, just taxi to the runway you are asked to. When the frequency is busy it can be EXTREMEMLY difficult especially on the playground server.



Can I ask why you ‘play’ in IF if you find it annoying to have to FLY somewhere…?

I never say it was annoying to play IF. ._.
My english is bad so I don’t know the exact word to “define” what I want to say.

Okay, thanks for the explanations, I will not ask runway change anymore!
I promise :)

You can always ask atc for your runway of choice, but you wont always be granted your wish; sadly :(

Side note: Palm Springs has two runways and one is significantly shorter than the other. A couple of atc were pretty cool with my request and letting me land in the shorter runway. Try it. It’s a good challenge. Throw in some low visibility to challenge yourself :) if done right you should be able to land a trip 7 on it.

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It’s pretty unusual that a controller let planes land on one end, and takeoff from the other end of the runway.
On which server do you experience this?

As Jacob said, you can always ask for a preferred runway. If the local conditions allow it, you may be granted the use of that runway - it’s not that you’ll be automatically refused. But as been mentioned earlier in the thread, controllers will often designate runways for specific use to help organise traffic - especially in busy areas and/or where physical world operating conditions are known.

Your flight has to fit in with the rest of the flights operating out of that airfield, so instructions are usually given to comply with that. Where available, there will often be an ATIS active. It’s an automatic readout of the airport conditions and additional instructions that constantly repeats - if you see one available, tune in so you have the information you need to anticipate what you might be and might not be able to do.

That big U turn on departure and approach are the most fun!! Beat the heck out of flying straight out and straight in.


An example of how fast this can get troublesome. Last night I was at KSAN (advanced server). As soon as I spawned in there were 2 aircraft on final to 09. They were both green but I always use 27. I let them proceed but told another aircraft to make right downwind pattern for 27. He didn’t like this, so he tried a couple of times to change. I had a couple more start pushback and was sending to 27. However, after telling the arriving aircraft to exit runway left…they exited right. Now I had to hold the ones wanting takeoff because they couldn’t taxi. Then they want to taxi to 09 now because they are tired of waiting. So I let them. I have an inbound for 27 that they still have to wait for. Do you see the confusion? Then guess which runway turns red?? Runway 09…it was a ghostathon.

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Not only you, the real KSAN always uses 27.

@mhhodges76 & @Laurens, yesterday, we had to land on runway 09 cause the runway 27 was red. (The 09 was Orange !) - First time I land on runway 09 at KSAN!

@Laurens we’ve been through this before, KSAN does NOT always use 27. Yes 95% of the time it does, buts it’s weather depending.

There is no ILS installed on 27 (contrary to IF for some reason), only on 09.

27 has a localizer, this might be the reason why they decided to make 27 an ILS approach in IF.