Ask your real world ATC questions here!

Hi fellow members! I figured out I wanted to make this thread, because I know many of you are interested in learning more about ATC procedures. I’m not a real world controller (yet), but I’m a VATSIM controller for those of you who are familiar with that. VATSIM controllers have a really high standard, and I have a pretty good idea of everything regarding ATC (in Europe).

So if you want to know more about something, have any questions to why controllers do something, how to prioritize or solve a situation, let me know here! :)


Are the IF ATC procedures close to Real Life procedures?

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IF ATC procedures are based on US procedures. They at least have similarities, but obviously it is very dumbed down and easy to understand and use. Ground / Tower procedures are pretty good, but since we don’t have a clearance delivery frequency, SID/STAR capabilities or other basic necessities of good ATC service – it’s very limited.

However, the way it’s made is excellent. The closest thing you can come without “leaving someone out” because they don’t know enough. :)


Once I get my super computer set up ready to go whenever that is I think it would be awesome to learn about VATSIM , is it possible for you to make any videos of your sessions or live streams .

Of course, I could livestream :) Just let me know!

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I think it would be an awesome experience to watch so one control on vatsim, do it whenever you what though just shoot me a pm when you go live.

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Before pushback they say something like ‘we have information Romeo/Juliette/rest of the phonetics’. What does that mean?

What is delivery frequency for?

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to keep this topic in Real World Aviation rather than lounge, I think non regulars can benefit from you as well.

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That refers to the ATIS information. It’s an identifier which updates every time there is a new ATIS, so the controller knows he have the latest weather. If it’s outdated, he gets the latest weather update. :)

The delivery / clearance / clearance delivery frequency is the first point of contact for a plane. It is here the pilot gets his clearance, and the controller checks that the flight plan is valid. Once he has gotten his clearance and designated departure SID (Standard Instrument Departure), he is handed to ground for a push clearance.

Moved it to RWA, good idea!

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How do controllers check if a flight plan is valid? Do they go through the whole flight plan and it’s every detail or just run it through some procedures or checklists?

It’s run through a database of some sort, and any eventual errors are caught up. However an incorrect flight plan is rare, as they are most often pre-filed company routes. :)

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