Ask to devs for FDS website requests

Only for aircrafts & regions requests
I have a question to the developers of this website.

You have created the category “Features” for everyone to suggest his idea. The problem is that you say to review all requests in this forum to see what is the most requested …

The problem is that there is already a place where you can vote for what is the most requested on Infinite Flight, and this is not the forum !!!

It’s here :

I think it is useless to request and vote on this forum because there are too many different proposals and there is no clear place to vote, unlike the feedback FDS website. It would be a shame to want to implement the proposals of the forum when he can simply take only the proposals of feedback because they are thousands of votes and we are talking about thousands of people together who want a feature, not just a proposal that will be read quickless by a few people …

I propose that we really need to advance the real system to vote on features suggestions from this site ( ) and use this forum to discuss these proposals … otherwise it’s a mess.

I play Infinite Flight for over 3 years now and I know what I mean.

Now, is that this issue will remain a subject like the others, ie, come read and then leave … and this time really be?

Please, respect to those who voted for years on this site ( ) taking it a little consideration and not promote zero proposals useless people as there are in on FB.

(PS: i have never talking about switzerland region request or any other), just the goal of this website.
i speak french, sorry if english is wrong, i have used the Google translate…

I’m sorry if i look bit nervous, but i hope this website : never going down.

Finally : My idea is to use the Features category for talking about ideas of the website, and vote on the website, submit on the website, and on this forum, flag all features not who have not been proposed on the site that I mentioned.

I think we are in community here, where each one of you can express himself… Please dont mistake,close this thread before have a good answer from moderator AND developpers…


I wonder if it’s possible to link or embed that page into this site. @matt?

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You can’t start Poll, Reply, Quote, Link, Like, PM, Bookmark, Profile and you are allow to anonymously comment in the old forum. I know It is mess in the features category but What you are missing is the sub-category, I think when this forum opened up, he wanted to slowly introduce new category, rather create one useless category and can’t delete later. Once dev realise one needed to organised, I’m sure it will be created on demand. (try browsing features category on its own, it’ll look little tidier.)

Where do you vote? How many votes do you have? Where’s the Calculator on the Forum? I totally agree with grx. The App well conceived and accurate method is infallible, accurate and a true representation of the communities desires. The Forum method is a hodgepodge. It’s an administrative nightmare, inaccurate and redundant. Max Sends

Info: @grxninesix

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Great post, but search before posting. I suggested this before (In may)

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Every “like” and comment is considered like a vote here.

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The old site is barely used anymore.

But real votes comes here! And this no more than 5-6 votes…

On the feedback, we talk about thousands of votes!!!

This not show all thousands of users want since 3 years ago, dude…

We still are aware of them all combined. So it still counts.