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Do any of you operate the pushback tug?

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As @mwe2187 said I am a ramper for Delta Mainline at KMSN. (largely forgotten in IF) I’ve been in the industry for 3 1/2 years, 2 of those with Delta.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 😊


No. I’m brand new I start my new job on Thursday. And @N1RG isn’t certified yet

I didn’t know you were a ramper. I know we had a few others around.

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I operate one almost daily

If I could I would 🤷🏼‍♂️ I do want to eventually.

@Hopperbolic is MSP a busy airport to work at? 😂

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Funny guy😂😐

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It’s pretty cool when you get to push.

Here is a 757 I get to push when we get them.


In my job, only Fueling, Lav, Trash, and Marshaling we can do on our own, as well as take fuel drops, but other stuff, such as Towing and putting airplanes away we need a minimum of three people.

I can Marshal planes in and chock them on my own, and if they need services, I can do it all myself if it’s an overnighting aircraft, otherwise, if they need multiple services, we have a minimum of two people doing different jobs.

Example, an XOJet Cessna Citation X is landing, and is a quick turn flight, leaving about 4 PAX and has rentals.

This Flight is requesting the following services:

  1. A Lavatory Service (Dump, Rinse and put in 2.5 Gallons of Blue juice back in)
  2. Top Off Jet-A Negative FS-II Single Point
  3. they want Catering (Food, Newspaper, and coffee refill)

For the first one, we would have the Rentals airside about 15 minutes prior to their arrival.

We would have one of our 7K Jet-A trucks turned on and on standby, so we can just drive up to the plane to fuel.

Once the aircraft lands and taxis to our FBO, one of us would park it and chock it (optional is that one of us chocks it while one parks it).
Once they shut down, we move the Rentals to meet the Passengers and Pilots (if the Pilots have a rental)

One of us helps with luggage while the other talks with the pilots to confirm their fuel order.

One drives the fuel truck up, hooks the single point nozzle and does all the required information and begins fueling.

One other brings up the Lavatory cart and begins to dump the airplanes lavatory. Note this can be messy at times if not done correctly

Once everyone is in their rentals, we let them out and they drive off to where they need to go.

Once we are fueling and doing Lavatory, we bring up the catering to the aircraft.

After all is done, the aircraft then sits until it’s departure time and then we unchock the wheels and guide the Plane out and then it departs for an on time departure.

That’s a detailed report on how we work a GA flight


We work on a lot of different airplanes.

We work the C-17, KC-135, KC-10’s, A-10’s. F/A-18, T-8’s, Boeing C-32A, Boeing C-40, Boeing E-6 Mercury , and the Boeing E-3 sentry. We also work on the Blackhawk helicopters as well.

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