Ask Rampers Question Thread

With the help of @Daniel_Cerritos and @N1RG we are delighted to bring a thread where the community can ask us rampers or line service techs about what it is like at our job. We all have different backgrounds working the ramp so you might get different answers depending on experience. Ask away and maybe can learn something as well!


I’ll start off with what I do:

I’m a Line Service Technician/Fueler.

I do various tasks, like Marshaling, Wing Walking, Fueling Aircraft, working Military, and working on Charter.

We also have to Top our Fuel trucks when they’re low.

I’ll happily answer any questions. I will let you know if I can’t answer the question.


Nevermind then.

I will just ask another, what military aircraft have you worked on?

For me as having both GA/Commercial, I’ve done on the GA side: Fuel, Towed, Marshalled, wing walked. Now for my Commercial, I’ll Marshall and and Load bags.

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What do we do on a daily basis? Mind if you can explain more?

I mean, I clock in, go out into the ramp and see if my coworkers need help, and if there is nothing done, I usually check the Tracker to see what’s coming

I rephrased my question. Should be above.

So can one person do it all? Or does everyone have different specialties so to speak?

In the airline world, at least at my company, every one can do everything minus pushback and you have to be trained on that. Anyone can dump the lab, drop off the bags at the carousel, get in the bin, and upload the flights.


Cool, just out of curiosity how long do you think it would take for one person to turn around an airliner? 😂

GA side, I’ve done everything by my self and it stinks. But as @N1RG said anyone can do anything except pushback

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We have 30 min for regional and 45 min for mainline at my company


A joy of being a part of the DLVA community is seeing @Hopperbolic talking about his experience as a ramper with Delta and the ends and out of such. always quality pics too.

What would you say are the parts of the job that you just absolutely can’t stand to do?

Is there a favorite aircraft that you’ve enjoyed working with the most and why?

Where do you want to go next? Continue in the ground operation, or move to other areas of aviation?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had happen to you on the job?


So is an RJ actually 30% less work? Or is a lot of that time made up in hustle?

Let me answer a few questions.
I really didn’t have a least favorite thing. I’d say when my co workers didn’t help was irritating.
Cessna Citations are really easy to work on
Craziest thing I’ve had happen was I had a mooney come into the FBO I worked at and had to talk to the fire chief and Ops so that was fun

It’s not any less work than An A319. It’s just that regional planes are smaller and carry less so the turn times are less


Are @N1RG and @N1DG brothers

So you guys just really hustle to get an RJ turned around? Or do you have spare time on the A319?

Handling 7 diversions on Sunday

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30 min on the ERJ/CRJ and then 45 min on the A319. Thats just what the company sets

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I know at my company we get 45 minutes to an hour to turn ours

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