Ask Questions for Transport Hub’s IFCI Interview!

Yes or no. Pineapple on pizza?


Since it’s the festival season here in India, do/did you burst crackers?

What is your record for being stuck in a traffic jam in India?


What’s the story behind your profile name?

Have you ever planespotted at JFK, and if so, can you show us your best picture you’ve taken?

Two questions;

  1. If the real Singapore Airlines didn’t exist, where would you be now?
  2. What led you to starting Singapore Virtual?

Two questions:

Why do you, as a self-proclaimed realistic pilot, sit on the taxiway for 7 minutes after pushback just to play your safety video? You should know better.

And Why did you takeoff with no flaps the other time?

Jk transport’s a great guy but the no flaps takeoff is true.

For real:

How does it feel to be the CEO of a VA?

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What on your thoughts on your favourite COO @TwinsRock88 😜

Keep in mind, this may result in a vacant COO position at SVA.


Let’s ask a serious question today to give some variety here:

Imagine you’re sitting in a bar together with two persons. One of whom is a close friend of yours and the other one is a person you truly hate.

You guys are starting a debate. You realize that you absolutely disagree with your friend while the other guy has some good arguments. Who do you side with? The friend you disagree with, or the person you hate who has a good point?


And there it is!

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Who on the IFC do you want to meet most?

Would I beat panda boy @BluePanda900 in an approach-off?

It’s me or @RTG113… Nice try though

Actually, that statement is incorrect. According to our slack conversation, he would like to meet these people in the following order.

  1. Me
  2. The one and only Rocco

60,000. Chaser Balloon

Looks like you’re the one that’s out of luck. Nice try ;)

What is your most embarrassing moment in Infinite Flight?

I can answer that one. When he took off with no flaps at VHHH on the EXPERT SERVER! Can you believe he would do such a thing?! There’s even a video!


I can’t wait for this interview…


Way to spoil it…


What’s your favorite type of spaghetti? Please include shape, length, diameter, taste, etc…


I had to bring out the truth. We can’t let everyone falsely think he actually a good pilot, because in reality he is not. He also tries to toy with me when I’m controlling approach. Always says unable, next time he doesn’t follow instructions I’ll finally be able to send him to the server he actually belongs on. Training Server


What is you favorite virtual airline besides SVA? (Singapore Virtual)

What’s the point of bus spotting, and why do you do it?


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