Ask Questions for Transport Hub’s IFCI Interview!

@Transport_Hub’s IFCI Question Thread

Hello, and welcome to the official IFCI question thread for our latest interview. Continue reading to find out more about our subject and how you should ask your question(s). To produce interviews, we need your help in submitting questions that you, the community members, would like to see answered. Our current subject hails from New York, is originally from the land of @dush19, is the CEO of the amazing Singapore Virtual, an Intern at the Intrepid, and an overall awesome person. So, fire away with questions for @Transport_Hub, but please keep in mind the following:

– Please keep questions on topic, appropriate, and kind. Thanks!
– Have fun! Ask questions that interest you! Make it worth everyone’s time.

See you on the interview topic! || Check out IFCI!


Question of the Day (QOTD): Who is Pranav?


What do you prefer: chicken or steak?

What inspired you to start Singapore Virtual Airlines?

How did you find out about IF?

Try remembering back to your very first post. How has the IFC changed you as a person? Not this time @Connor haha

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Why does @Chris_Hoover always want to ban you from the VARB Slack?


How has Singapore Virtual changed you as a person, and what’s something you learned from it?

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What is your favorite thing about running Singapore Virtual and what is something you’d like to change about it?

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What is a “transport hub”? Why did you choose that for your IFC name?

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Why are there few Singaporeans in your VA (excluding me) considering it’s SVA?

Is there supposed to be a real world airport in your profile pic?

What’s your favorite part about IFC, and how has IFC changed you as a person?

Why will you lose the virtualBlue landing competition? 😉


what is the intrepid, and what are some notable things there?

On a scale of 1-10, how upset are you about Signapore being
S till
V ery
A bsent
of terrain


HBD @Delta319

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What are the exact coordinates of your house? 😜

Why don’t you admit your real name is Pranav Bhat?


Why are you insistent on stalking @Chris_Hoover? And who’s ya favorite SA?

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On a scale of @dylan_bright to @bluepanda900 how amazing is @bluepanda900?