Ask questions for a possible interview with an airline president

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I’d like to share a really exciting upcoming discussion I’ll most likely be having.

So it turns out my dad personally knows Steven Greenway. Doesn’t ring a bell? No worries as I wouldn’t exactly expect everyone to know about him. For those of you who don’t know, he is the president of the upcoming low-cost carrier, Swoop Airlines. So I may be able to converse with him and I was going to ask you guys, do you have any questions you would like to ask a real-life airline president. I wouldn’t want to overload him with questions so I am going to limit it to the best 10 questions. Now, remember he isn’t exactly a pilot so he won’t know too much about aircraft themselves but if you have any questions regarding what it’s like to run a real-life airline, feel free to get some questions in the comments section. He is very very very busy setting up and getting Swoop going, so it is possible that I don’t get to ask him these questions or the answers take a few months to come over. Please don’t be too angry with me if I don’t get the chance to ask him this lol.

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How hard is the journey towards becoming an airline president?

What are some major things that should be studied when becoming an airline president?

How do you feel about becoming an airline president?

Great questions!! Let’s keep em coming guys!

How do low cost carrier such as swoop and westjet handle delays professionaly ? And how do you train the staff to handle delays or any hiccup in operation as efficiently as possible?

(Ehemm ehemm Lion Air😂😂)


I don’t know if it’s possible to ask a bother one but: how do you plan on making a name for yourself as a low cost carrier in a world where lo cost carriers are viewed as cheap, dirty, and greedy? What will you do to make these things nonexistent?

What will be the future of your airline? Long Haul international flights? Or just stick to the Cross-Canada flights?

Have you heard of Infinite Flight?

A good question since we are on IFC. 🙂


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