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Hey guys,

When I try to go to TestFlight to the Infinite Flight 21.1 Testing Page, it does not load at all. Does anyone here know the cause and solution to this?

Never happened to me before. Device restart perhpas?

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Thanks so much! You helped me out. I restarted my iPad, and it loaded! Someone mark this as a solution. :)

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Does the iPad Air 4 (2020) run well at the highest settings on IF?

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I have an iPad Air 3 with the highest graphics, just no anti-aliasing and 30fps. It still runs as smooth as ever and doesn’t even get that warm. So the 4 should be just fine.

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I have an iPad Air 4, using it at Max settings, Anti Aliasing On and 60FPS, and Aircarft Count MAX, and it does extremely well. Does get a little warm at very crowded airports but other than that it’s perfect.

I’m in your frequency as well, thanks for the service!

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Thanks for your answers!

And @tunamkol, gotcha in my radar :’)

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Game keeps crashing when trying to spawn at any airport
Samsung A8 2018

This was reported before, developers are aware of the issue and looking into it :)

Will you guys plan on adding the JetBlue A320 repaint during the Open Beta period?

It was announced that the jetBlue A320 was put on pause and will come in a future update.

Source: 10th Anniversary Twitch Stream

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Hey all,

I was at LHR today and i was trying to switch from the TWR to the GRND but it’s doesn’t work. Anyone can help me or know why that happened because of that i had a Level 2 violation.

Thanks in advance

All sorted via appeals. Thanks for reaching out!

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Thank you!

How do I uninstall beta?

If you’re on iOS, you can just go to the App Store and reinstall Infinite Flight, and it will replace the beta.

On Android, go to the Infinite Flight page on the Google Play Store, scroll down to the “Beta Testing” section and press “leave testing”. The normal version should be available in a few hours

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Ok, thank you so much!

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I had my tablet at full brightness and I still was not able to see the runway

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This is a known issue and developers are looking into it :)

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Ok thank you