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Read this first:
About the Open Beta category

We realize that there will be questions about how this works. If, after reading both About the Open Beta Category topic you still have questions, please ask them here and other testers or mods/staff will help as they are able. Under no circumstances should you be sending direct messages to mods or staff for open beta.



How do I access open Beta?

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Please read and check our blog :)

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I have no sound coming through

What device are you using?

Iphone 11 lastest ios 14

What’s the cap on beta users?

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Make sure your device is not muted (via the switch on the side) as this will cause the sounds not to work.

Check Settings → Audio too to make sure there is volume applied.

If all this fails, try restarting the device


i have no update and when i spawn at egll there are no buildings what can i do to get the new buildings

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Please read and check our blog to see how to install the Open Beta :)
It is not an update at this time, it’s a separate installation.


For me it says it’s full

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We have set limits for the time being. From our blog post:

Phase 1 of our open beta program is rolling out! In this phase, developers will set a limit of their choosing on the number of signups. This is a first-come, first-serve system. Doing this will help the development team monitor server loads and quickly address issues that come up without affecting a large number of users.

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You did say you don’t expect to hit the cap

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got a bug to report can’t find the report section

Expect isn’t a guarantee :)

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It’s only been like like 40 minutes how low is the cap

The cap is in place so we can monitor things from our end. We aren’t announcing how many people it’s available to, but we will be expanding it soon once we verify things are okay.

Thanks for your patience!


I swear guys it probably like 5 people