Ask me and I will make it - 3D paper planes!

hey guys i make 3d paper models with out templates and i want some on to ask me what they want me to make

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Concorde, and if possible in BA Livery

Qantas 717

Dash 8 Q400 please!

Cobalt co50 Valkyrie

Drone terminal

Boeing 777x!

i will try to do all of these

give me a few days and all of theses aircraft will be posted

A350XWB please!

787 please!

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757 please!!

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got it give like two days then it will be up

IL62 🙂

Air Koryo! 🐍

got it i will try

okay every body i am getting alot of requests so just give me some time

Sorry, but this is not Infinite Flight related. :)

Moved to RWA.

Were back!

How is this real world aviation related?