Ask Me About Flight School

Ask questions about about flight school or real life flying in general, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

I am currently a student, and do not yet have a PPL but is working towards it

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I think this topic is unnecessary s there are many topics about this. And I suppose you are talking about US flight schools?


Have you ever heard of Henderson State University? What’s flying like? What school do you want to go too? What’s your dream?

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I have not heard of Henderson State University. Flying is really fun, and a great thing to learn, weather you want to become a pilot or not, It is a great thing to! I Currently attend Cal Aggie Flyers (Near UC Davis in California) And my dream is to become a commercial pilot for southwest!

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Nice look up Henderson State it’s a good school. My mom went to UC Davis back in the day

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Which aircraft do you currently fly and have you been solo yet? Also, what qualification are you working towards?

I have not done a solo flight yet, but i am working towards it! I currently train in a Cessna 152, and i am trying to aim to get all of my qualifications & certificates including my Instrument Rating, Multi Engine etc.

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Is flight school expensive. I’m looking at being a pilot but not sure if it’s for me?

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@N1DG Flight school is no doubt very expensive, I range my lessons to once every two weeks, at my age there is no rush, so it is easier to spread out your lessons.

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Which flight school do you prefer to be a pilot??

Gotcha so at 19, how many lessons do you think I should have say a month?

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Im confused by you’re question, could you re-state it?

Basically, you want to become a pilot, i assume you are in US, what flight school would recommend?

@N1DG Depends when you want to get your PPA, If as soon as possible, once every week, but if you dont have the money, once every two weeks, also if you get Sporty’s Course, you get a lot of info through there, allows more time for flying if you learn some at home too!

True… I might do a lesson here and there and see if I like it. What plane would you recommend?

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@Milen_Jacob There is a flight school Called ATP, i dont know if they are international but i have heard from close friends that they are good, they have different instructors across the US, but it is a little pricey!

I do indeed want to become a pilot as a career!

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What’s the difference between part 61 and part 141 training? Which one is better

@N1DG The Cessna 152 is a really good plane, it may be old, if your school takes care of them, then you should be good. The plane has mostly dials as indicators, but it has everything you need for a PPL, And it’s CHEAP!

@N1RG Any FAA-approved flight instructor, whether associated with a flight school or not, may train a student under Part 61 regulations. Part 141 regulations are related to the structure and approval of flight schools. Training under Part 141 regulations is permitted only by instructors associated with an FAA-approved flight school. In order to become approved, a flight school must meet certain requirements and submit each curriculum it wishes to have approved to the FAA for review.

I Train under part 61, as it is great. I prefer it more myself.

So which do you think is better?