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Dear Develop and Player

In my country (Indonesia), there is currently a plane accident that has become a worldwide concern and has become hot news this week.

Therefore, I (and I’m sure many other people from my country) also become more interested in the world of aviation, that’s what I plan to buy this game.

What I want to ask is, if I don’t buy a premium user,

  1. Are airports available in Indonesia?
  2. what are the airports available in Indonesia?
  3. Can I fly free (without crossing national borders) in Indonesia?
  4. What are the free planes before buying a pack or subscribing to a premium user.

Thank you very much



Without a premium subscription (Infinite Flight Pro), you will not have access to the global map and will be restricted to pre-existing regions none of which include Indonesia.

In terms of aircraft, you’ll have access to download the free-to-use options. To access the paid aircraft though, you will need a Pro subscription.



Hi there,

Quotes Form @jasonrosewell

Server upkeep is definitely one thing that plays into this. It seems everyone is satisfied by this being a major component of it. Good… onward!

Next, we have improvements. There are many improvements that need to be made beyond new aircraft. We could continue to do IAPs (In App Purchases) which would allow us to keep adding new aircraft, however here are some things that IAPs do not cover:

  • Satellite imagery updates and processing. As you can imagine, we’re not launching satellites into space to take images of the earth, but someone is! This costs money.
  • Aircraft reworks: This is a major request that we get. It’s impossible to continue updating based on IAP and App purchase revenue. If we collect money once to cover the initial build of an aircraft, we’re reworking for free down the road when the simulator is advanced past that initial aircraft build. Not only could the company not move at the pace we are now with reworks, we would indeed get slower due to lack of resources.
  • Development you don’t see: We have a lot in the works and due to the nature of app development and managing customer expectation, we can’t always share it. As you can imagine, Laura and Philippe aren’t the only ones coding and working on these items. Developers (even the ones you don’t know exist) don’t come free and they don’t come cheap. We hear the cries from the mountain tops to “ADD CLOUDS AND 3D BUILDINGS!!!”, but we don’t hear pleas to continue the subscription model to fund those efforts ;)
  • Free-to-play games and apps are certainly awesome, however Infinite Flight is a subset of a subset of a subset of apps. You have to want to play a game on your phone or tablet, then you have to be into simulation, then finally, aircraft simulation. Free to play games (take a look at Warframe) make their money by letting anyone play, but if you want a more awesome experience (and arguably a winning experience), you can pay. With Infinite Flight, you can get the full feel of the simulator with HD imagery and even a brand new aircraft model (CRJ200) for $5. That’s not a bad deal. If you’d like to take advantage of our live servers and the continued work to bring new and reworked aircraft, you can pay for that.

We realize a subscript model isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. We’ll never find the perfect model to please everyone. In our case; is a pro subscription necessary? Yes.

Happy landings!

To add my own words and answer your questions

  1. I do not believe that Indonesian airports are included (I may be mistaken)
  2. If the Indonesian airports aren’t available then you can’t fly to airports in Indonesia (I think this one is common sense)
  3. No you can not fly for free in Indonesia, you can only fly in the regions that come with the 5$ one time purchase. To access the Indonesian region you would need to purchase a Pro Subscription
  4. I am not sure but it includes the 737-700, 747, A380, and CRJ-200. ( there are several others just can’t recall right now)

My guy just wrote a book here, this is what you call dedication!


So, So, basically after I bought this game I couldn’t play, because I hadn’t bought a plane? and if I have bought an airplane pack I can play with certain airports and there is no airport in Indonesia even after I bought the game?

Currently, if you have bought just the original game, which is around $5 (in the United States), you will have access to a set of airports in regions. These regions do not include Indonesia. You will have some free aircraft, but the rest are included within the Pro Subscription, as is Indonesia and the remaining parts of the world.

If you wish to fly in Indonesia, I’m afraid you must buy a subscription.

Welcome to the community!


Thank you for your reply.

Can you tell me what free aircraft and free region without pro subscription?

and can you tell me or give a screenshot what airports in indonesian region if i subscribe?

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  1. I am looking for a plane simulator game reference
  2. After finding several candidates, I open the homepage website application
  3. Yes im here
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Free Aircraft:

Super Decathlon
Cessna 172
Cessna 208
Cirrus SR22

Free Regions:

NorCal (San Francisco)
SoCal (Los Angeles)
New York

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I believe regions like Hawaii, Seattle, New York, London, and Paris aren’t included. It’s only included if you have bought these following regions prior to Global update 😉

Indonesian airports used to be featured on the former Singapore Kuala Lumpur region (Before the huge update late 2017). But removed as the current imagery around Southeast Area is pretty poor. Hopefully this region will be reintroduced once the region gets a brand new scenery 😊

The rest have been mentioned above 😊


@BennyBoy_Alpha thank you

@George thank you, yes for me Indonesia is good, Indonesia has a good flight experience, because you can cross land, islands and oceans in 1 country, or across continents and vast oceans, Indonesia also has many cases and histories of aircraft accidents and maybe make people excited.

Oh. i forgot something.

Can i buy a part of game? i hear before this game update global version user can buy aircraft pack or airport destionation

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Yes, in app purchases used to be available prior to recent update. But this service has been stopped by now. We no longer serve any IAP purchases unfortunately

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