Ask IFATC to change the gate

Hello, I have a question one IFATC members.
Is it possible to ask an expert ATC to change boarding gate?

No it is not possible in game. What would you us this for?

Even I sometimes park at holding stands or deicing Ramps and then I taxi to a gate. All in all you can just request to taxi to the gate

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I ask this because, I like to do the procedures of real life that is to say wait for a long time in a door, or to change the door as in real life

I know that some atc accept this approach.

I did it once with @AsternDestroyer. I can see where you’re coming from, and why you like doing it. However, from my past experience trying it, it almost always confuses the ATC.

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I’m sure it would be nice but I find ground frequency a stress bomb as it is. I would implode if I had to handle anymore requests.

What are you asking? To spawn in at the wrong gate, then travel to the “right” gate? Why not spawn at the right one?

Can you provide some context?

Anyway, pushback, taxi to parking would work. Though I’m still curious as to why you need it. ATC doesn’t assign spawn points. “Long time at the door…” doesn’t really illuminate things much.

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