Ask if the controller is still active.

That was happened in KPSP. Apparently the controller haven’t switch off his phone before sleeping and his session was still active.

I think that the game need to ask if the controller is still here after a certain time (like on live flight).

I believe you get kicked out the session if you don’t reply to any demand after a specific amount of time, so this feature request is kinda unnecessary in my opinion. Maybe you appeared as an unknown aircraft, which might be the reason you haven’t got any response. :)


As Adrien said, you get a certain amount of time to respond to a message, if you don’t however, you will get kicked

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This is the second thread (at least about this). Intuition tells me this is some sort of server error. I don’t think it’s intentional, nor that he has any Ida he’s still listed as active. As Adrien said, under normal circumstances, it would kick you off after 2 minutes of not replying to a single message. I think it’s a server error being taken care of (per Henrik).


OK, I’ll flag myself

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How can the controller reply if he has already fallen asleep? 🤔🤔


I have been flying in and out of there as well and ground has not been answering any request for the last 8-9 hours tower dose respond but ground is at I’ve but no response

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