(Ask) how to land in bad weather windy and turbulence

Any body know / have tutorials or IF video how to land in bad weather ?? Just now i fly in paris region adv server wind gusting btween 17-28 knts and turbulence very high , so difficult to land almost crash !!

The key to a crossing landing is to use the little circle ‘with wings’ on your HUD. That shows where you will end up. You will approach in pointing off the runway, so use a flick of ruder when you land to straighten up.

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Question has already been asked, please search before posting.

As @Jasper mentioned there is a good selection of answers under the search option. Once you have worked out the basics then, just like in real life, its all about practice! When the weather is bad, go to the free flight server and practice your touch and gos which will help you to become a good and experienced pilot on IF.