(ASK) how can he do it? flying between region

Can this guy actually access other regions when flying to them?

this is how you code and stuck the throtlle in 0% when you exit the region aera…

But i hope Global Flight lands in our hands :)

the Terms of IF declare : “Accessing or attempting to access areas of the Game or Game servers that have not been made available to the public;”

the old trick to fly out of regions

first time :
glitch when you pull power thottle to 100% and keep your finger on the screen until you click “Pause”.

second time
glitch no more available, but you can fly out the region simply by turn autopilot on and continuing fly… The “outside coverage area” are not available yet", the only thing you can’t get working is the Autopilot Speed. This is how i made all my “long flights”

Since the A320 family is completed you can’t more flying out of any region!

The only possibility to fly out of region is under the ground if the Denver region glitch don’t run longer.

But… now
we wait for a legal global flight system, actually working by FDS team.

this post is only for explains to the new members of the forum why we talk about “Global Flight”