(ASK) how can he do it? flying between region

he is flown almost 4000NM in 32000ft 6 hours 30 min flight time , he starting from KLAX i think he’s going to singapore

how can he do it ?? international region or he is using cheat ??

Its against the TOS so he really shouldn’t be flying out of the defined regions

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how can he do it ?? using MOD maybe ??

No. It’s a glitch that lets you get out of regions.

yeah maybe bug

Where is this terms of servcie evryone speaks of

It’s @Matt’s unwritten ToS.


Yeah. It’s not officially written on the app or anything. It’s just what you say. :P

This is all written on our site. There is a section about going out of supported game areas.


Oh. Where’s it. Please give me a link :)


Terms Of Service ^

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So basically if there is no terms of service we can view there is no terms of service so i am free to do this unless they give out the terms of service publically. Just like a child can get a christmas present even though you hide it

No not anymore

There is text at the bottom of the sign in page that says if you continue on, you agree to the tos, etc… It’s a pretty standard thing.

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And if you want to go ahead and fly off the map, I can personally go code the line that will disconnect those out of the regions, on the server itself :)