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Can you give an example on video?

Hey, sorry for the delay. Here is a video of the issue.

Also, I can confirm I had a Google TTS update 3 days ago.

Hey guys, real quick question:

So I’ll be switching my device soon, from a 2017 iPad Pro to the 2020 iPad Pro.

Will my beta version transfer over to the new device or do I have to wait for the cap to increase again and come back in?


Believe that you have to enable it by device so you’ll have to wait for the cap to go up for your new device to download it. I’m pretty sure

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Okay, do you how frequently the cap is being upgraded right now?

It was rapidly going up 2 weeks back when it first launched…

I don’t know how often they do it. I don’t think they have an exact schedule either. They do it here and there though.

Okay, another follow up:

If I were to switch devices and I could not get back to beta, would my replays from beta also be gone?

Your replays are only saved on the device you do the flight on unless you transfer each individual replay to the new device. If you were to not be able to get back on beta on a device you have replays on the replays will stay in pretty sure. If you access a replay with beta content on it like the B77W it’ll show as the old one.

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Anyone else think the landing shake on the 777 is way too strong? Landing at -100 and if reacted like you would land at -700fpm on landing. Much worse than with the 772 update.

Just to confirm you are experiencing this in the cockpit view?

I have noticed that it is extremely bouncy and you have to force the nose down after touching down with the main gear, but maybe that was just from my light weight testing

If you log in with the same Apple ID it will transfer over just fine.


Yes. As far as the issue in the subsequent reply of not being able to force the nose gear down this isnt an issue. The 77W only needs a flare of 3-5°.

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How can I view my total flights? There used to be a page with the flight time, landings and flights on it but that doesn’t seem to exist anymore

Oh sorry I missed your post. Thanks ;)

This has probably been asked before, but is 473 the current build version? (or is it 475?)

If you go into the test flight app it’ll tell you which version is the latest.

The latest version is 478 (for iOS).

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That may or may not be true depending on what is available in TestFlight. That’s the only way to accurately check.