Ask Beta Questions Here


We realize that there will be questions about how this works. If, after reading both the blog post AND the About the Open Beta Category topic you still have questions, please ask them here and other testers or mods/staff will help as they are able. Under no circumstances should you be sending direct messages to mods or staff for open beta.



I submitted the form, although I did have to back and edit the email due to a typo, but I can’t seem to find the “join” button on the app page (android user)

It’s noted that you will have to wait a few hours before Android will be able to access due to the way it is distributed on Google Play.


Alright cool, had a mini panic attack there haha

Haha, don’t worry I feel your pain 😂. I’m going on a flight now, and hope it’ll be ready for my long haul to Dubai.

Edit: Actually I already have it downloaded now.

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Reports should be made as a separate topic within the #open-beta category if I’m not mistaken, and should include device and software info, all of which is outlined in the category topic

Will change :)

If anyone needs help, I’m glad to help… Supporting Mods and Staff in this case :) welcome to beta everyone


Try to put in as much information as possible to any bug reports.


And please, I can’t stress this enough: Follow. The. Template.

Thanks, have fun!


Should we report an issue if I happened at first but doesn’t happen anymore?

Yes, please report issues as they happen. Provide as much info as you can, others may be able to reproduce it.


A quick thing to add as well - if you’re able to reproduce one of the issues posted and wish to comment about it, please make sure to include your device information, build number and callsign. For example:

Yup, able to reproduce!

iPad Pro 10,5
iPadOS 14.1
Build: 455


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One of the keys to testing is to remember what you are tapping on and in what order. At this point most of the major bugs (hopefully) are taken care of so hopefully you wont experience much. But things happen and that’s fine but it really helps if the developers can get as much information as possible. Is it something you can repeat? If so, what steps. Otherwise please report what you can even if you cannot reproduce it. There is no “should I report this” list. When in doubt log it and Staff/Mods will adjust where needed.

Thank you all for your willingness and time you are dedicating to this.


How to find the built your on?

Open IF -> Settings -> About -> Top left in brackets


or open Testflight, the actual built is shown there aswell


Is it ok to do stuff in solo?

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Of course! :)

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absolutely yes

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Yes. You can play with the fog there as well if you cant find it on a live server

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