Ask and shall Receive

So I am having a Flight to my country Ukraine with Swiss I have JFK-Zurich A330, Zurich-Kyiv A220 (SUPER EXCITED) leaving July 5 2019 does anyone want any special pictures I will try to see the cocpit, Also you can take all pictures

I will like to see the photos (once you have them) just send me a PM!

As you are currently a basic user you do not have access to creating threads in #real-world-aviation which this would actually sit at.

For now I recommend taking as much pictures as possible then creating a trip report later on when you hopefully get TL2 (member).

Have a safe flight

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Ok you got it

Ok thanks What’s the difference we all like aviation but RaNk MaTtErs

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It’s just that it would be much better if we saw all the pictures you took during your flight instead of asking for specific ones.

Ok will do give me 9 days

Pm me for the pics. I wanna see em

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Yep! Just remember no more than 10 pictures in a thread.

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Ok got it thanks