Ask about autoland not smooth

Im using 737 bbj , dest about 17NM (KSAN 17ft runway 27) , Altitude 3200ft speed 180 flaps 10
When im push the apprch buton, seems not smooth suddenly my plane is going UP until 3700ft and starting descent , why my plane is going up directly??then Crosswind 8kts just now

Maybe your to low to land I guess

3000ft to estabilshed on localizer, isnt to low

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You can be established on the localizer but on a 3° glidescope like KSAN You need to be 3,000 ft above the airport height (17ft in this case), so 3,017 ft when you enter the red ILS cone

How can i know the glide slope calculate ?

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Just wait for the glideslope diamond comes alive and come close to middle… So you are not being too high or too low, then you won’t see too much of climb or drop. No point using APP if u r too high, it will simply nose dive and the speed will increase. What’s the point.

I’m not using this new autoland, but I would assume you need to have the vertical needle much more centred before pressing the approach button. Slow the aircraft down a bit, bring it down to say 160 knots, deploy more flaps, so the aircraft is closer to a ‘final’ setup. Then activate the approach once that vertical needle is pretty much centred?

can you make a video about this, i would like to see the auto land function