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What is the most common way pilots gain flight hours so they can fly for commercial airlines?

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Mostly flight training around here but also flying for lower hour requirement jobs like JSX is also common in Dallas, they require around 750 hours


I’ve heard that many pilots go to a college to learn from an instructor to gain hours. After they graduate, they often turn around and become a flight instructor at that college to gain even more hours. It’s a good strategy to gain lots of time.


OK, thanks @Ethan_Brown and @Wonderousbuilder641!


I’ll start I guess :)

Hi everyone! I’m Robertine and I live in France. I have been planespotting for 5 years and am a student pilot, training on the Robin DR400. I have obtained the BIA and FWA diplomas and am working on my PPL. Feel free to ask me anything :)

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If anyone here is a professional airline pilot, where do you go at the end of a plane shift?

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Walk around then to the terminal

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like do you take a flight home, or do you stay at some sort of base?

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well depends on how many hours was your flight if its more than 4 hours you usually just stay in a hotel given by the airline,
if it was less than the 4 hours you fly back home on the same day.

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ok, thanks!


depends on the trip kind of.

My parents work 3 day trips, meaning they are gone for a full three days. where crew scheduling and their schedule determines what city they will finish their day in. then there are usually designated crew hotels within that city that the crew stays at for the night


@AviationFreak @UAE thanks for the info!


Hi I’m Butter575 and I exist


In airlines that permit the use of both Flaps 30 and 40 for landing the 737-800, what is an approximate “cutoff” runway length (if any) where Flaps 40 is mandated and Flaps 30 no longer permitted regardless of aircraft weight?

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lol, i guess thats an achievement for those who are feeling low


Private Pilot. Worked as a ramp agent for a major US carrier and currently work as line technician at an FBO. Fill free to ask me questions regarding those subjects in this thread or dm.


What do you do as a line technician?

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Things are very different now than it was 10 yrs ago. Now after your commercial license you can easily get:

Part 135/91 job flying some really nice planes for decent pay.

Do pipeline or survey job

Work for plane dealer and deliver new or new planes to the new owners.


the generic route is get your CFI and instruct to build time.


Depends on how long my layover is. If it’s min rest I go straight to the hotel, eat and go to sleep. If I have 24-80hrs layover then go to the hotel, go out to eat, hangout with the crew. The next day with the crew or alone I go on hikes, bicycle rides around the city or go to town, go to the beach etc. if it’s a long over night I would take bus or train to another city the next day early am to explore alone or with the crew.