Asiana's First A350 XWB Gets delivered



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Asiana Airlines Just got first of it 12 A350-900 it also has 8 orders for A350-800 and 10 for A350-1000

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Seat Map
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For some reason it will only show the front part


The plane looks amazing too! And very comfortable.

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I wonder how long it will be before they scrape/bend that one?


Lol I was about to comment this hahah

Some photos from inside 😊

Pictures from the handover ceremony

Don’t forget to check the feature request of this aircraft too


The A350-800 are converted to 900 already! Check your facts.

It hasn’t been confirmed that they have switched to -900. So far they are the only airline to have orders for A350-800 (a.k.a Standby list as A350-800’s status is still “On-Hold”) and they haven’t made an official announcement regarding their switch

This article was uploaded 21 hours ago. So it’s pretty new and realible

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That awesome! The A350 is becoming more popular!

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They haven’t switched the order yet, but just because they have orders doesn’t mean Airbus has to build them.

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What do you mean by that?

I mean that the Korean training mentality is extremely blinkered and their society generates a huge cross cockpit gradient which sadly manifested itself in the 777 incident at San Fran.

They sometimes have great difficulty dealing with the unexpected and thinking ‘outside of the box’. In many respects it’s not their fault their society pushes ‘learn by rote’. Switch scenarios in the air or in the sim and they are often left floundering.

The whole gathered together has led to many incidents with both Asian and Korean Air which has almost led to both airlines losing their European and US flight rights. Boeing was called in to organise and review their training structure a few years back as part of the flight rights retainment package.

A friend who was on the simulator team has some interesting tales to tell!


Thanks, wanted you to explain and share the details 😂

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And also Xtra Fees 🙂


Damn, that is a good looking aircraft! Might have to get myself on it soon…


Looks absolutely awesome! 😍😍👍

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Looks great! I think I saw this on FlightRadar almost a month ago:

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