Asiana Virtual

Hi guys. As soon as I don’t own Star Virtual now, I am opening Asiana Virtual airways. The best VA in you can wish for. Joining is completely free and Slack is not required.

Our fleet:
Airbus A321-200
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 747-400

Our routes (not real)

Our website is under construction

Our hubs:

No live subscription is needed to join

In order to be a member of Asiana VA, Reply to this topic and in this format:
IFC Name:
Live Subscription?


And what about routes, and a website, and stuff like that?

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@Aviationluver, I edited the main post. Read it

Not to bash your VA, but why didn’t you wait until Global Flight is released? That would have made this VA a lot more realistic, and it would have saved you the hassle of having to re-work all of the routes, etc.

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Not to mean any harm but it’s not determined if global will come out in the next update and also if it is, it is not known when it would come out.

IFC Name : TheRedeemer
Live Subscription : Live+

IFC name: BillHunter
Live Subscription: Live+

IFC Name: AviatorOfHK
Live Subcription: Live

@AsianaIFVA ??

I told at the first days 'o my account I owned Asiana from @Parsa

Where’s the website?

So do you have to have a live subscription to join?

Here you go.

Thank You for clearing that up.

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Our website:

Everyone, let’s welcome @The_Greatest_Basket to our pilots

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Everyone, Asiana is here with an rather big update.
-Firstly, Asiana Virtual has added one new destination in Southern California and it is Tijuana.
-Second, Asiana has added two new regions to it’s route section. One is London and the second is Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
-Another thing to point out is Asiana’s website has been fixed.
-And last but not least, Asiana Virtual has removed all military airports from it’s route network (San Clemente in SoCal and Avord in Paris)

Hello everyone
We have big news! Asiana Virtual is hopefully getting an A318 Codeshare from BOAC. If the operation goes well, we would open London City routes

We have done a massive update to Asiana!
*At first, many unrealistic routes have been removed from our route network, allowing for more realism
*Second, the planes that operate routes have been replaced on this order
Below 50nm= A321
50-75nm= 777
75-100nm= 747
*After that, our Senior Routes system has been updated. Hard approaches, 747 routes and A380 routes are now Senior Routes
*And last but not least, our website has been updated and modernized