Asiana Virtual Photo Contest

Hi guys
So, I’m looking for a picture for the OZ website. And you can help! Post your photos here. In 7 days, I’ll choose the winner and his/her photo will be involved in the OZ website!


  1. Photos should be took with Asiana liveries ONLY (A321, 747, A380, 777)
  2. Photos should be took in regions operated by Asiana. Check for those regions
  3. Photos should NOT be edited. Edited photos will not get chosen
  4. Participants can post a maximum of 4 photos. Anyone with more photos will get dissaproved.


Why don’t you take them yourself…


Why only 4 photos :( That’s really hard to choose.)



Love your first photo @Aussie_Wombat! It’s definitely going to be one of the Candidates.

Just repaired photos can’t be edited, sorry.

Hope you like them

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I like your second and third ones really much!

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Here is how it works:
At first, the participant posts one or more photos. Then some of them may get chosen as candidates for the final decision. At last, the best of the candidates will be announced the winner and his/her photo will be put on Asiana’s website.

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Thankyou so much, personally my favourite is the last one, but :P

My entries. Hope you like it :)


Good. Your last one has become a candidate!

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Here we are back with you with the results of the photo contest that we launched a week ago. So, here we have it. After a week of wait, the winner of this photo contest is…

By delicate analyzing, @CannedAviation’s last photo (Candidate no. CA01) was the best photo posted. Congrats to you @CannedAviation for winning the contest! Your photo is now online on Asiana’s website!

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