Asiana Virtual looking for pilots and staff

Hello everyone
Asiana is looking for pilots and staff! To join:
You can PM me, reply to this topic or tell us on our website (
Staff Positions
Event Manager:
Photographer (10 people can join):
Pilot trainer (Grade 4 and 5 only)(15 people can join):
Social media representative:

Or you can just be a pilot (people that are Grade 1 need to fly with our pilot trainers unti they reach Grade 2)

Stop making tons of topics about your VA. Nobody will join like this…


Keep everything for your VA in ONE thread.(Events need separate threads)


Look. All VAs create a looking for staff and pilots topic. Why shouldn’t I?

The most don’t and if they do the moderators close their topics. If everybody jumps off the window will you do it too? It’s not because others people are making stupid things you should do those too. -.-


There are a TON of open ones

Show me some :)

By the way it’s okay if a VA owns one-two topics. Asiana Virtual owns more.

Again, continue here:


The best wAy to promote your VA is to make one thread and then have regular events. If people enjoy your events then they might join. That’s how I have joined any VA’s that I have joined.

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And there are many more