Asiana Virtual-Joe Sutter memorial flight @ KBFI - 100900ZSEP16

Server: Expert server

Region: Seattle region

Airport: KBFI

Time: 0900Z

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400-Asiana Airlines livery

NOTAM: This event is to remember Joe Sutter, The father of the 747. A valid live subscription is needed

EDIT: Copy my (Callsign JSMF) flight plan

Does it have to be asiana it should be all 747s not just asiana

Are you doing this to promote Asiania Virtual?

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It should just be any 747 because then it seems like a advert

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Yes it’s my VA. You can come in generic 742s and 748s too

Only generic? Or all liveries

All liveries on the -8 and -200. And Generic or Asiana on the -400. Do you get it now.

What about all liveries on 400. 😊 just to clarify

Sorry. Generic and Asiana ONLY on the -400. Now do you want to join. We need three people at least. I’m the first one and two more and we’ll fly.

Date? You didn’t put the date

It’s today.

In the title look it sais 310900ZAUG16. Means 31st of August 2016, 9:00 Zulu

What’s that in uk time?

Event starts at around 15 minutes from now to be clear

WHO WANTS TO JOIN? We need at least 2 people (Not counting me)

Sorry made a miscalculation. Event starts in 40 minutes.

What today ok sorry can’t make it

No one joining?

No one’s joining because of your insistence on flying the 747-400, the most popular 747, in Asiana livery. That is clearly a shameless promotion for your virtual airline, when this event is supposed to be a memorial. Also, the 747-400 is the only free variant, so you’re forcing people to either buy new aircraft to fly in the livery they want or fly in your virtual airline livery.


Yes, it’s not really a tribute unless all the 747s are there! And really isn’t respectful at all to only fly in the Asiana Livery to advertise your VA