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Social media is not a requirement. And Slack is not necessarily social media in itself, at least under the broad definition. It is our main method of communication. Requirements change through different VAs, so always check!

Trust Level is not a requirement. I believe you are looking at the staff requirements, which are different to those to become a pilot.

That’s not a problem. With violations in the past month, you’ll just need to do an extra check ride, to verify that you’re fit to fly, and you’re in!

Sorry to hear that. Within this community, having to experience these is something that shouldnt be experienced in the first place. If you are experiencing any of this within the community or the VA, please let a staff member, or IFC Safeguarding team know as soon as possible, and they’ll know what to do from there. See this topic below for more info:

Your choice to join is influenced and decided by you. So it is your choice to join anyways.

Hope any of this helps!

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Thank you this message I]gave me some hope to join a VA i just want to join some form Asia like AirAsia, Asiana, Eva Air, China Airlines , or ANA


Staff Positions Open!

Asiana VA is hiring! We are looking for dedicated and hardworking candidates for our team, check out the available positions below!

Head of Internal Affairs (OZVA003)

The Head of Internal Affairs position is crucial for our VA functionality. Those on this position play an important role within the Virtual Airline as they will be responsible for approving PIREPs, answering general pilot questions, and much more, we rely on your dedication!

Routes Database Manager (OZVA005)

One of our most important roles, once again. Those on this position will be responsible for looking out for changes in the routes within the Asiana group, as well as be responsible for most changes in our Routes Database on Airtable. We rely on you to keep our network up-to-date and realistic.

Interested in any of these positions? Great! If the requirements below are met, don’t be afraid to PM either @Jster82x, @Tsumia, or the @AsianaVA account.


Experienced and Active Pilot
Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
Previous VA Experience (Staff experience not required)
Trust Level 2 on the IFC
Willing to be part of the VA in the long term

Always with you,

Join as a pilot!


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